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Join us: Beijing 2017

Do you want to travel and learn from the best mentors in the fields of photography, journalism and non-fiction storytelling? Are you ambitious, ready to share skills and dying to learn? Then you are invited to apply for our unique two-week-long training event in Beijing.

Training Event

This training event will take you to the chaotic hutongs, structured along the strict rules of Feng Sui, as well as to the highest floors of the glass towers in the diplomatic district. From there we will push you through the many layers of an increasingly complex and frantic society. You will be constantly challenged to rise above yourself in writing, photography or any other form of non-fiction storytelling.

You get to see Beijing through the eyes of local and international specialists. Expect to meet people who work for established media. As well as diplomats, local artists, environmentalists and other people trying to shape or grasp the transition that China is in. They will provide masterclasses and share their insights. Of course, we will visit the Great Wall for a long hike and a retreat to focus on finding the right narrative for your own story. 

We are looking for the most ambitious and passionate young storytellers to join us in China. The objectives of this journey are to motivate and guide young storytellers in the world of international reporting and foster long-lasting cooperation between young and ambitious people. You will be working and traveling in a group which will challenge you to collaborate across borders, cultures and professional backgrounds. On this trip, you should have all the ingredients to feed your curiosity, allowing you to produce content worthy of international publication.

The Caravan’s Journal prides itself in working with local independent talents and prestigious, established organisations. Over the past years, we have worked together with mentors at the United Nations, the BBC and Pulitzer Prize winners. For this trip, we guarantee you a variety of great speakers who understand the country in depth and are in the business of shaping or capturing the change that the empire is undergoing.

During the journey, our team will follow and guide you as a group. They will assist with advice and practical information as well as give practical workshops.

Johannes De Bruycker (Project Coordinator)
Johannes is the founder of The Caravan's Journal. During his travels, he came up with the idea of combining an educational and professional network of storytellers. He has worked as a documentary photographer and videographer all over the world, including recent projects in Greece, Bosnia and Ukraine. He coordinated events and projects with a variety of inspiring people and believes strongly in cross-border collaboration.

Coen van de Ven (Project Coordinator)
Coen is one of the directors at The Caravan’s Journal. He has worked as a journalist in several countries and for a broad variety of Dutch, Belgian and international media. Recently he investigated the tensions between the West and Russia, in the border region of Kaliningrad. Coen also wrote about refugees in Athens, the genocide of Srebrenica and has followed China’s transition over the last years. His specialism lies in connecting political theory with human stories.

Beijing / China

Initially constructed after Genghis Khan’s raiders conquered the city, the traditional Hutongs are still the spine of Beijing today. Setting foot in the labyrinth of narrow streets, cherry blossom and pungent aromas, means walking into a rich and unique culture that has existed across the ages. In these rabbit warrens of little businesses, families and hidden courtyards, stories are everywhere to be found. People who have left their homes in the countryside to try their luck in the capital, reside here along expats that have turned their few square meters into designed studios.

But those ancient Hutong structures can disappear overnight. Beijing is changing constantly and tall glass skyscrapers are replacing the traditional shops and houses, that have surrounded the Forbidden City for ages.  

The Caravan's Journal

The Caravan’s Journal was created to support cross-border collaborations and honest human storytelling. We organise training events with master classes of inspiring mentors and promote collaboration amongst all participants. We also facilitate productions by our members all over the world. We connect young journalists, photographers, digital creatives, academics and artists to travel to important locations at important times.

October 16 – October 29

Costs participants
Course fees: €580
Local costs*: €500

Total 14-day package: €1080

* Includes accommodation and a unique, private, trip to The Great Wall. 

Travel details
The costs and organisation of travelling to Beijing are your own responsibility. This allows all participants to freely plan holidays or projects before and after the training event.

You can apply here
Applications will be open until September 12, 2017.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at