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Yangon 2017

Myanmar is curled up between the two biggest Asian tigers, China and India. After decades of authoritarian rule, the country is opening up for visitors. After a successful program in 2015 in the land of golden temples and forgotten stories, we decided to return to this amazing country.

This training event will take you through the country for ten days. You will be pushed to your limits in photography, journalism and visual storytelling. Whether you are a young professional, a committed amateur or a student looking for advanced field experience, with this workshop you will get the opportunity to personally meet and learn from incredible mentors such as the renowned documentary photographer Andre Malerba.

Athens 2016

Our second international training event brought us to Athens. We traveled to the birthplace of democracy with participants from different European countries, to learn and report from the front line of our times. Greece is suffering from two big crises. The economy is broken and being at the border of Europe is proving to be a huge challenge. While young Greeks struggle to find jobs, thousands of refugees are stranded there.

We worked together with VICE Greece, the homeless paper, BBC, the Press Project, workers of UNHCR, MSF and other local journalists, activists and aid workers. In a series of masterclasses, discussions and field activities, our participants dived straight into the complexity of a crisis under the surface. Read a reportage about the project in Athens here.

Srebrenica Book

'Srebrenica, in stilte vergeten' is a Dutch publication by our members Johannes De Bruycker and Kasper Goethals. It's an alternative photo-book, on today's life in Srebrenica. The publication is part of a series of events to remember genocide. It is sold as a collector's item to benefit Snaga Zene, an organisation supporting often traumatised women in Bosnia. Sixteen photos are folded into chapters to form the book.

You can order the book for 20 euros. Send us an email if you're interested.

(Nederlands/Dutch:) 'Srebrenica, in stilte vergeten' is een publicatie van onze leden Johannes De Bruycker en Kasper Goethals. Het is een alternatief fotoboek, over het leven in Srebrenica vandaag. De publicatie maakt deel uit van een reeks evenementen die werden opgezet op de genocide in Srebrenica te herdenken. Het wordt verkocht als verzamelobject ten voordele van Snaga Zene, een ngo in Bosnië die vrouwen ondersteunt bij hun trauma en zorgt dat ze niet vergeten worden. Zestien foto's worden gevouwen tot hoofdstukken en vormen samen het boek.

Te koop op bestelling voor 20 euro. Mail ons bij interesse.

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Yangon 2015

Our first journey brought us to the land of golden Buddhist temples and forgotten stories. Myanmar is curled up between the two biggest Asian tigers, China and India. We visited a country at an important crossroad of its democratic future. After decades of authoritarian rule, Myanmar opened its doors to the world and became a western donor darling. In November of 2015, the country organised historically free elections, an unprecedented challenge for both old and new powers.

European participants of the Caravan’s Journal were parachuted in that complex world to meet with local participants. Their different professional practices and cultural backgrounds forced them to adapt and reflect to innovate.

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