The Caravan's Journal is an international educational collective and agency. We invite Europe's young and most passionate storytellers to international training events to learn from their colleagues across the world.

Journalists, photographers, academics, artists and other storytellers can participate. We select locations that challenge everyone to dig deep and learn fast. The participants get masterclasses from the best mentors and experts and work on productions and collaborations of their own.

The Caravan’s Journal aims to become a global network of correspondents and creators. Our dream is to increase understanding and empathy across borders.

Jerusalem 2017

On sunny days, hundreds of minarets, domes and church towers shiver in the light on Jerusalem’s seven hills. Crowds of pilgrims and merchants flock the narrow streets to kiss crosses, pray to the Temple Wall or visit holy Islamic sites. For thousands of years, Jerusalem has been a popular stop for nomads and caravans, exchanging spices, precious gems and ancient stories.

This Caravan will bring you to the heart of the old city, to discover Israel and Palestine. You’ll be pushed to peel through the layers of conflict, wander through cultural marvels and to tell stories in new ways. Whether you are a young professional, a committed amateur or a student looking for advanced field experience, with this training event you will get the opportunity to personally meet and learn from incredible mentors.